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Disruption and innovation is revolutionising how we manage money and commerce. A cashless society is becoming reality, where we can make payments at the tough of a button and in an instant. The exchange of money sees blockchain changing the very DNA of traditional systems.

With increased technology comes great benefits but a focus on security and privacy needs to be balanced with the hugely popular new products, services and capabilities.  

Leveraging new technology with new skills and creating a culture and competency to ensure that both the consumer and the institution are well protected is key to success.

Project People can:

  • Provide the new skills and capabilities required to harness new technology
  • Provide access to global talent pools and ensure your compete for them with maximum focus

 “Fintech will change the nature of money…. And deliver nothing less than a democratic revolution in financial services”

  Mark Carney, Governor, Bank of England


Growth in demand for mathematical, computer science and cybersecurity experts combined with quality of management skills to guide through change. Focus on competitive talent acquisition of scarce resources and expand talent pools by gender and geography.

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