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Energy remains perhaps the most strategic of all sectors.

However, sustainability, new fuel sources, scarcity and even geo-politics feature at a macro level.

On a local level, customer choice, energy management applications and consumer reputation are all driving new forms of competition.

Project People can help you translate your chosen business model into a bold talent strategy and manage your resources as you transform the organisation.

  • Talent strategy
  • Talent mapping and access to new skills
  • Employee value proposition
  • Workforce change and management

“People think of Tesla as an electric car company but the whole purpose of Tesla was to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy”

Elon Musk, Tesla


Transforming the organisation to deliver new fuels, via different supply chains into new models of device ownership. Focus on acquiring new skill sets and evolving a new culture to ensure they drive a ‘smart and connected’ business.

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