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Society moves from a purely physical to a cyber-physical environment. Connectivity, data, new forms of intelligence, automation will change how the world works.  Increasingly, this is moving to the top of Board and CEO agendas.

This creates fundamentally new challenges for security, privacy, conflict, crime.

Balancing the interests of freedom, privacy, national security with functioning social structure and economic models  will be key to future society.

Project People have:

  • Recruited over 600 Cybersecurity experts
  • Advised major security organisations on their talent strategy
  • Constantly mapping talent hot spots

“If you control the code, you control the world, that is the future that awaits us”

Marc Goodman, Founder, Future Crimes Institute and Fellow, Singularity University


Building capabilities and cultures that are fundamentally different to traditional skill sets and working environments, will require long term planning, new strategies and strong execution.

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