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Cyber Security


The experts that will keep your systems secure

Whether you are protecting confidential data or a power station’s infrastructure, the growing range of threats you have to manage is increasing both in volume and sophistication. Robust cyber security is your first and last defence. 

As a senior cyber security professional, you know the scale of the problem far exceeds the small number of incidents that makes the headlines. It’s no surprise organisations don’t broadcast their security breaches. 

For large and small businesses alike, existing protection needs to be updated to meet a wider variety of attacks than ever before, and the cost of keeping yourself secure is far smaller than the cost of dealing with a breach.

The company and industry you work in will have its own set of threats, and each one has to be addressed in parallel with emerging technology and trends. Whatever your needs or vulnerabilities, our professionals can provide you with effective solutions.

With over 600 cyber security specialists currently on assignment and a network to access many times that number, Project People can provide the people you need fast.

Our investment and presence in the security sector mean we can provide you with experts at all levels of security clearance. So, whether you need an interim manager to update your security policy or a whole project team to build your solutions from the ground up, we have the people you need.

Make cyber security your priority and contact Project People today.


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