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Conventional recruiters are already struggling to grasp the complexity, scale and agility needed to support the IoT needs of clients. It is unlikely to get easier any time soon.

An overwhelming majority of executives (94% in Accenture’ research involving over 1,400 C-suite executives from some of the worlds largest companies) believe that the increasing use of smart products and robotics will change the required skill and job mix in the workforce of the future. Expected changes include:

  • Devolution of decision making. Supported and empowered by real time data, decision making can be devolved from managers to workers. This will effect how role specifications are developed and how companies are structured
  • The design and creative process could become more iterative and experimental. Employees may have to develop working relationships with intelligent machines, and continuous learning could replace traditional training as technologies and business practices evolve quickly
  • Managers will have to be willing to collapse hierarchies and silos and open up to extended workforces beyond their own walls. Such an approach demands a new culture and tolerance of autonomy, with sensitive support from skilful partners
  • Leaders will need to accept the demand for individually tailored working environments and experiences by creative and dispersed workforces, while maintaining core values and a common purpose within their organisations
  • Digital platforms will need to be cultivated to facilitate global talent exchanges that address skills shortages. Digital tools will also accelerate skills development and support a continuous learning culture.

It will be essential for recruiting consultancies to understand the complex and rapid changes that will be needed by companies at the forefront of IoT development. Then they will also need agility and responsiveness, the culture to continuously innovate as well as the scale and global capability to identify, deliver and retain highly sought after people.

Get ready to meet the IoT talent challenge

To meet our customers’ needs, we’re identifying the key leaders in the market today and building talent pools in anticipation of customer demand, and developing relationships with educational IoT pioneers to develop leaders with the range of integrated skills and knowledge needed.

With dedicated expert resource partners backed by our hundred-strong research team, you will have access to the best, the brightest and the bravest talent converging on the IoT landscape.

With our links to university IoT masters programmes and our ability to identify, attract and engage the current and future leaders driving the development of IoT across the industry, our relationships with independent experts help you in making business critical hiring decisions, you can build the IoT enabled workforce you need in time for when you really need it.

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