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Global talent network

The skills your company needs are globally dispersed, the location your tasks can be conducted are at the end of a connection, the demand for them is universal.

We invest in research, talent identification and a global network of talent partners to ensure we can bring the workforces to you.

This complexity and ubiquity require a highly skilled yet geographically flexible workforce.

We provide our clients with the services and talent they need through:

  • Continuously investing in research into the latest skill demands and where they are located

  • Locating ourselves across the world, over 25 offices in 20 countries (and growing)

  • Partnering with specialist recruiting partners around the world to maximise access to talent

  • Build the quality and relevance of our expansive database and technologies to access talent

Platforms to manage resource in dynamic enterprises

Managing talent in a dynamic, fast changing and global business environment is no simple task.

We make the process simpler and more effective when: planning, optimizing, acquiring, scheduling, on boarding, ensuring compliance simpler and more effective.

What we do:

  • Invest in substantial and effective resource management platforms (i-resource)
  • Embed resource management for large MNCs and smaller, fast changing organizations, with our multiple years of experience
  • Integrate throughout our global operation and across your international organization.

Research and insight to build competitive talent strategies

Technology moves at a rapid pace, from Moore’s law to network effects, innovation and complexity mean that change and pace are always key.

We service clients at the leading edge of technology change, either creating or providing it to billions around the world.

To keep up with this change we;

  • Have created a long standing research team in India, who are constantly identifying new talent
  • Partner with world leading institutions to provide access to emerging trends
  • Exhibit, sponsor and contribute to thought leading conferences and exhibitions