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Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Streamline your recruitment, lower your costs and secure higher quality talent

Take your business to the next level by sourcing your workforce through one of our RPO packages. We offer a traditional end-to-end solution, which places our team within your business and reports to HR, or alternatively, we can provide a modular and flexible arrangement, designed around a particular workforce segment, specialism, seniority or business unit.

Whichever level of service you choose, the workforce we provide will boost your growth. By outsourcing your recruitment and talent management to Project People, you can expect it to be handled by dedicated recruitment professionals. The three ingredients that drive our consultants’ success are:

  1. Integrated relationships, through on-site support
  2. Service delivered by experts who are targeted on results
  3. Value-add services that enhance every aspect of your workforce’s productivity

Let us take a weight off your shoulders

In many cases, significant recruitment activity is pushed onto HR or hiring managers, regardless of their level of recruitment expertise or resources. This distraction can hamper progress towards core business objectives.

You will have complete control of your recruitment through our integrated recruiters and optional on-site support consultants working through a Project People satellite office.

Having convenient access to our recruitment professionals allows you to quickly pass on the full complexity of your requirements.

Consequently, our highly responsive on-site team will swiftly deliver candidates that accurately match the job spec and your business culture perfectly. Critical factors in getting new hires productive quickly.

Work with specialists who know and care about your business

When you engage us for an RPO programme, you’re accessing some of the most dedicated and client-focused account management professionals in the industry. You will benefit from a lasting and productive relationship with our account team. How can we be so sure? Well, our account team retention is 95%. A fact that explains our above-average client tenure: nine years.

Success with our clients is also driven through our carefully calibrated reward scheme, which is designed to motivate us to deliver long-term results.

Driving your results through value-add services

Undoubtedly, your recruitment and talent management will improve through our efficient, cost-effective and personal service, but to really elevate your results, you can choose from our RPO programmes, which include:

  • Employer Brand Management
  • Premium Screening
  • Talent Management (internal staff)

We ensure the key messages that make your workplace attractive to the best candidates in the business are heard loud and clear. Working with your leadership team, we can develop a tailored employee value proposition (EVP) strategy. Our EVP will uncover the rational and emotional benefits that matter to your people. And then, through consistent, clear and compelling messaging, our sales and marketing will build a powerful attraction campaign to appeal to each talent segment.

Flawless recruitment is only achieved when every touchpoint has been optimised. We help you achieve this with:

  • Hiring manager interview training and support
  • Role-specific assessment centres
  • Benchmarked technical testing

Our scientific and proven recruitment methodologies are constantly updated with insights gleaned from our operations across the globe in a variety of sectors. The result? A shortened selection process with higher quality candidates and reduced staff churn.

In addition to assessing your external talent, we can help you make the most of your current workforce. Our internal mobility support will help you identify the high-potential colleagues you can fast-track for leadership roles. By analysing vacancies that can be filled by existing people, your search for a replacement starts at a lower level – often an easier and faster way of sourcing.​

To find out more about how our RPO recruitment model could help your business to achieve its long term goals, get in touch with your local
Project People office.