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Recruitment Managed Services


Savings, efficiencies and compliance guaranteed

The case for allocating your Recruitment Managed Services to Project People.

First and foremost, you will make substantial financial savings when you consolidate your recruitment suppliers through us. These savings will be realised directly through reduced agency fees, and indirectly by reducing the burden on management and administrators, thus saving time all round. Also, compliance moves from being a patchwork of standards, to the highest standard applied consistently.

Typical scenarios companies ask us to provide managed recruiter service:

  • Unwieldy supplier list that is hard to measure for value
  • No formal supplier list in place
  • Bring recruitment costs under control
  • Alignment with in-house teams
  • Reduce compliance risks

An optimised supply chain

When you trust Project People to provide an end-to-end managed service programme, the hassle of dealing with multiple agency relationships disappears. We act as your single point of contact, and we engage, onboard and manage your existing suppliers against measurable service levels. Furthermore, we analyse and fill gaps in your supply chain with either our own expert recruitment capability or specialists from our portfolio of trusted suppliers.

Measurable cost savings

As a master vendor, economies of scale allow us to supply you at our most preferential rate; a rate that makes each new placement more cost effective than the last. But if you aren’t looking for a new umbrella supplier, and simply want a better deal from the agencies you already work with, our negotiating expertise will provide you harmony and value across all your agency rates.

For even more substantial savings, transferring existing contractors to Project People’s industry- leading payroll can trim millions from the annual cost of your external workforce. We are experts in contractor novation (transferring contracts) and we simply don’t expose our customers to attrition – people don’t leave because we ask them to move to us. In fact they are likely to stay longer and perform better because we look after our contractors throughout their careers.

We know contractors value the fact that we never miss salary payments, and many of them appreciate our on-site surgeries. 

Culture and technology for compliance

We know one of the greatest challenges when working with a large supply chain is standardised compliance; be it adherence to fiscal legislation or careful background screening. At Project People, we train all suppliers in the use of iResource, our contractor management, applicant tracking, document storage and time-sheet portal.

This system guarantees every necessary document for every contractor is stored and is easily accessible. Useful for compliance audits or just to check for peace of mind.

The whole recruitment process is visible from start to finish, and all of our activity on your behalf can be viewed as clear, digestible management information that keeps you on top of all your resourcing. iResource handles consolidated invoicing too, so your accounts department has one invoice a month to deal with rather than the vast numbers that multiple suppliers can often generate.

The service models we deliver to suit your business

You can choose from a variety of industry-leading models or tailor one to your exact needs.

We enjoy building longstanding relationships because it provides us with a deep understanding who you are, what you are aiming for, and just as importantly, what you want to avoid. This insight allows us to deliver a service that is as unique as it is effective.

Master vendor managed service

A workforce management solution that can include contractors being payrolled, screened, onboarded and relationship managed. This option can also include managing the performance of supply chain, which includes consolidated invoicing and streamlined reporting. The organisations that benefit from this service have a large volume of similar roles.

  • Economies of scale enable the best pricing
  • Motivated lead supplier
  • Potential onsite support

Vendor neutral managed service

We administer the supply chain on your behalf; designed to suit large organisations with many locations and requirements.

  • Competitive margins
  • Range of suppliers
  • Simple automated processes

Tailored hybrid managed service

Blend between master vendor in some categories and vendor neutral in others. Adapted to suit the needs of large, complex organisations.

  • Single point of contact
  • Close critical relationships
  • Value and quality optimised across the business

To find out more about how recruitment managed services could help you to hire more cost effectively, strategically and efficiently, speak to our experts today.​ Our contact details.