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Permanent Recruitment


Create long-term value with permanent hires that amplify your company culture

We are global specialists in permanent recruitment across the technical and professional sphere, and we have all the tools and expertise you need to find the best people.

Access to talent. We have the widest and most current technical and professional talent pool – our database has over 1.9 million active people. To achieve this volume and quality of candidates is a 24/7 global operation.  Our recruitment infrastructure and activity includes:

  • Over 100 researchers
  • A team of professional recruiters
  • Social media and marketing experts and tools
  • Continuous presence at specialist industry events
  • Regular exhibitions at key industry recruitment fairs

This significant investment enables us to find the elusive and passive candidates most other agencies – and in-house teams – miss.

A smooth, simple process. The steps we take to limit a hiring manager’s time and effort during the recruitment journey:

  • Run a detailed vacancy scoping session
  • Conduct a consultative CV review
  • Manage an efficient interview process

Efficiency and quality are guaranteed. We average 1.4 CVs sent per interview and 1.5 interviews per hire – we won’t waste your time with unsuitable candidates. Because we put in the groundwork to fully understand the role and your business, we can screen and qualify each candidate effectively – leaving you to choose the best of the best.

Excellent customer service. Customer satisfaction with our services is exemplary, with our client surveys returning over 95% positive feedback. We are committed to a great experience for both the hiring manager and candidates. And, as the employer brand ambassadors for many leading companies through our RPO services, we understand the link between our service and our client’s reputation.

Technical expertise. Our consultants receive over 120 hours of technical training in their specialism. The benefit to you: you only receive screened candidates with capabilities that match the role.

Negotiation and onboarding. Finding the right person is only half the story. Through our careful management of the candidate, we ensure 95% of selected candidates accept their offers. And in a tightening labour market, gaining acceptance is getting harder.

Next step is getting your new hires productive, this can be accelerated through a great onboarding experience. We have a range of services to help your new hires get up to speed, for example:

  • Bespoke induction programmes
  • Facilities set up
  • Training: technical, compliance or cultural
  • Welcome events

Get in touch with our consultants today to discuss your permanent recruitment needs - from a single vacancy to a whole campaign we have what you're looking for. Our contact details