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By adopting Project People’s iResource system, you can control contingent and permanent recruitment, applicant tracking, supplier management, contractor payment, document management and MI production from one easy to use online portal.

iResource is modular, so it will allow you to select individual processes to suit the way you work, and it doesn’t have a problem working alongside other ATS systems. What’s more, the proprietary and flexible nature of iResource means that we are able to configure it exactly to meet our customers’ needs without exorbitant configuration or consultation fees.

  • Nowhere else in the market is there a system that provides:
  • Online ordering
  • Multi-level approval
  • Applicant tracking
  • Document management and e-signatures
  • Invoicing and output to payroll systems
  • Real time MI straight from the system or integrated with Crystal Reports

Online ordering with iResource

You can enjoy a simple, user-friendly online ordering system that requires minimal hiring manager training and comes in a format that feels immediately familiar and accessible.

Online ordering shouldn’t take up more time than a phone call to a recruitment consultant. iResource follows a short, intuitive process flow that allows hiring managers to request the resources they need, have vacancies approved and send the key details of the requirement to Project People in  a matter of minutes.

Applicant tracking with iResource

iResource is a fully fledged applicant tracking system that gives you complete oversight of the recruitment process, from Project People and any second tier suppliers.

We can configure iResource to suit your internal hiring process and the stages and approvals that your hiring managers are expected to complete, so that they need only make one request, and their approvers just click one button, before the role is ready to be filled.

Configurations we offer include:

  • Vacancies can be approved at one, two or three levels
  • There is provision for one, two or three sets of interviews
  • Workflows can require both first and second interviews, or allow a hire to be made after the first level
  • Decisions to progress candidates can be assigned to hiring managers or to Project People
  • Second tier agencies can submit through iResource and use the same process as Project People
  • Vacancy release to second tiers can be pre-set to occur simultaneously with release to Project People or a set number of hours or days later

Supplier management with iResource

Your entire agency supply chain can work through iResource. There is no limit to the number of suppliers it can support, and supplier access to roles can be tiered based on performance or by category. Its ease of use means that intensive training programmes are not required.

iResource tracks supplier performance through an extensive suite of MI, so we are able to reward and remedy individual suppliers through promotion and relegation tied to performance milestones.

You can keep track of spend and KPI metrics in real time, and receive regular reporting summaries from our specialist MI team.

Timesheeting and payment settling with iResource

Timesheeting and payment settlement with iResource

You will have access to a system that is an end-to end contractor management suite by design.

Our payment settlement system has been devised over many years, it includes:

  • Timesheet submission, authorisation and payment
  • Expense submission, authorisation and payment
  • Self-billing for contractor invoicing
  • Contractor registration and onboarding
  • Electronic document management
  • Pre-employment screening portal
  • Timesheet and expense submission and authorisation
  • Multi-layered approval and visibility pipelines
  • Easy output to contractor invoicing

iResource provides clients and contractors with a secure environment in which to process timesheet and expense management authorisation – a system that enables the quick and easy processing of timesheets and expenses claims, while reducing the associated processing time and cost.

If you need a system that can do any or all of the above, as part of a recruitment process we manage or simply as a procured system, contact us today and experience the convenience and efficiency of the most flexible talent technology tool on the market.